The construction of the town of Prypiat

Prypiat or Pripiat its construction dates back to the early 1970s to accommodate the employees of the future power station. It is located 3 km from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and about ten kilometres north of Chernobyl. It is therefore located in the 30 km exclusion zone set up around the plant after the 1986 nuclear disaster. While retaining the status of a town, it is now a ghost town, uninhabited (according to the Ukrainian authorities), as are the nearby villages of Novochepelytchi, Kotcharivka and Kopatchi, located 7 km from Prypiat. Prypiat is nowadays supervised by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The town takes its name from the river that crosses it before joining the Dnieper. This river was severely contaminated during the disaster.